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Senior Pictures with Moms

Why I encourage moms to be in few of the pictures with their seniors during the senior photo shoot.

Mom and daugther picture of them hugging and mom looking at ther daughter with a smile.

We moms know just how quickly our kids grow up.   It seems like not too long ago, we were getting them ready for preschool, and now we’re trying to prepare them to leave home for college.

Moms are so busy taking care of everybody else, that we rarely take the time to have nice pictures taken with our children. Besides, if you are like most moms, you probably are the ones taking most of the pictures.

Mom and daughter hugging each other for senior portrait.

This is why I always encourage moms to use this opportunity to be in a few pictures with their seniors. 

Mom and son portrait session with mom giving her son a kiss on the cheek.

This is a priceless treasure for moms and a sweet gift for the seniors.  As our children move out on their own, a framed picture of them with their moms will bring warm memories and remind them just how much they are loved.

Senior photo session with mom and daugther in the pictures together.

July 1, 2022

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