Helen Hill Photography

I am a portrait photographer with over 20 years of experience.  I have always loved photographing people.  There's something very magical about being able to capture a person's esscence in a picture.  Everyone is so uniquely beautiful, and I love to help bring it out as simply and as authenically as possible.

On a personal note, I am a wife and a mother to a very active teenage son.  I was born in South Korea, but lived most of my young adult life in northern Virginia. I graduated from the University of Virginia with Studio Art major with focus on Photography and Painting.  I have been passionate about art, acting, photography, and hair & makeup since I was very young.

I'm thankful that I can utilize my eye for design and my artistic hair & makeup skills to help bring out the natural beauty in everyone I photograph.  

If my gallery speaks to you, I'd love to chat about how we can work together to capture memorable and endearing pictures that you will treasure for lifetime!

I love improvising and doing whatever it takes to keep things interesting and rolling along, even a last minute emergency hair trim in the parking lot! 

Hello, I'm Helen.

Here are few candids, courtesy of moms. I know these pictures are not the qlamorous pictures you normally see on photographer's "about me" page, but I rather you see me as I am in action.

Touching up on Elizabeth's hair.  I like to take time to pay attention to details and touch up as needed.   You can see Elizabeth's pictures in the gallery, "Senior Girls".

I'm rarely in front of the camera, but Kristy, Elizabeth's mom insisted on getting a picture together at the end of her daughter's senior session. 

Cole giving me his million dollar smile after his hair trim!