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What to Wear for Senior Pictures

Choosing the right outfits for senior photo shoot will allow your personality to shine through beautifully and authentically. Therefore, it is important to work out all the details with you photographer ahead of time to ensure a stress free and fun photo session!

Senior girl portrait with white mini dress with rustic brick background.

One thing that I suggest to all of my seniors is to text me pictures of their outfits as they are starting to look for them. Sometimes what looks good in person doesn’t translate to what looks good in pictures. An experienced, professional photographer should be able to tell if an outfit is going to work well in photos. This will take the guesswork out while selecting outfits with no surprises on the day of the photoshoot.

High School Senior Girl with blue shirt and white jeans standing on a cobble stone street in downtown Raleigh, NC.

Senior girls should plan on having around three outfits. I like to start the session in an urban setting, so you can think more of jeans with a cute top, or skirts with a cool jean jacket. This is where you can get creative and really allow your taste and personality to shine through.

Senior with long flowy dress walking on the field at North Carolina Museum of Arts.

As the sun gets lower, I like to head to a pretty field to do the golden hour session. For field shots, you can also go with jeans and a cute top, but long flowy dresses or skirts bring extra movement to your photos and are flattering on all body types.

Senior guy portrait wearing classic navy suit with white brick background

Senior Guys should plan on at least two outfits. There’s something about guys in suits or blazers with crisp dress shirts that looks so sharp and classy.

Senior guy with jeans and button up shirt standing next to the train track.

For a nature or rustic setting, I would recommend something more casual, like khakis or jeans with nice polo shirts or casual button up shirts. Guys should also plan on getting their hair cut at least a week or two prior to your session.

Once you decide on the outfits, you need to try them on and make sure that everything fits the way you like.  They should be clean and ironed if necessary.  No wrinkles please!!!

Lastly, shoes are an important element to your outfit, so make sure to choose them accordingly.  One thing I do not recommend is pointy high heels for the field sessions – they just don’t look right and definitely are not comfortable.  Speaking of comfort, I always suggest that my seniors and moms wear comfortable shoes to the photo session and change shoes once we get to the location.  It’s really hard to have fun when your feet hurt. 

If you and your photographer communicate and plan everything ahead of time, you should feel confident and ready for your special day!  

Senior girl in white flowy dress in a field during golden hour session.
Senior girl portrait session during golden hour at a wheat field wearing a long flowy white dress.

June 28, 2022

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